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The modern day history of our port begins in 1939, shortly after the city of Igoumenitsa was declared capital of Thesprotia Prefecture. The first regular ferry services were established here in the 1950s’, linking Greece’s northwest mainland to Corfu and Paxoi islands. In the 1960s’ the historic Hellenic Mediterranean Lines inaugurated regular ferry services to Italy and a pier was constructed in what today is the “Old Port”. In 2001, our Port Authority was incorporated and restructured to meet modern international standards. Currently, about 3 million passengers, 650,000 private cars and 250,000 trucks travel through our port each year.

The recently completed Phase B’ of our development projects greatly increases our port’s capabilities, particularly with regard to passenger shipping services, and this encourages us to have an optimistic view of the future. Among our highest priorities is to become an important Mediterranean cruise port. Certainly, the bulk of our year round business will continue to be ferries and cargo, but we have designed our New Port in such a way so as to be able to operate diverse activities without disruptions between them. This is why we have allocated the docking area closest to the city centre and one of our new terminals for serving cruise calls, keeping ferry and cargo activities well separated. When it comes to cruising, our philosophy is based on flexibility and a willingness to customise to each different brand by working closely with operators to achieve their fullest possible satisfaction. Among the many highlights that are accessible from Igoumenitsa on full and half day tours are the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Meteora, the fascinating lakeside city of Ioannina, the rare Byzantine treasures of Arta, Octavian’s city of Nicopolis, the charming seaside towns of Syvota, Parga and Preveza and the amazing eagle nest villages of Zagori. Epirus is a destination full of historic, religious and cultural attractions, breathtaking landscapes and untouched natural beauty, and has some of the best beaches in the Ionian.


Maximum ship dimensions for berth

  • Cruise port ramp 12 – 18/Total length: 420m
  • Pier depth all the way along / alongside: 10.5m



  • Available: yes
  • Ship tenders allowed: yes
  • Tugs available: yes
  • Tidal movement/range: no tides



  • Total number of quays: 18
  • Total length of quays: 1197mtr
  • Quay depth: 10.5mtr
  • Passenger terminals:        Central Terminal– T1(6,326sq mtr)
  • Terminal – T2 ( 3,041.46 sq mtr)


Distances / Transportation

  • City centre: 1km
  • Airport: 80km (Ioannina), 92km (Aktion)
  • Free shuttle service to city: no



  • Total Cruise Passengers 2015: 3,090
  • Total Cruise Calls 2015: 6
  • Total Cruise Lines 2015: 4


General Informations

The new Port of Igoumenitsa was inaugurated at 19 September 2003. It’s located in the southern side of the land harbourarea, outside of the urban area of the city and near to Ladochori village. It occupies a total area of 210 hectares from which 130 hectares are harbour area, while 80 hectares have been given for road construction, parking areas of private cars and trucks, refuelling station etc. The new Port provides 5 places of mooring Ro-Ro liners, international ferry routes, 12 piers with adequate land space.

The Igoumenitsa Port Authority primarily provides ship docking and passenger and vehicle traffic services. The port focuses on passenger traffic, through ferry connections to domestic and foreign destinations, while goods are transported mainly by trucks.

As one of the most important transport hubs in western Greece, the port of Igoumenitsa offers routes to Brindisi, Bari,Ancona and Venice, as well as to the Greek destinations of Patras, Corfu, Kefallonia and Paxos.

The port operates an integrated security system based on an approved "Port Facility Security Plan" that complies with all ISPS security code terms.

Igoumenitsa as a cruise destination:

The port of Igoumenitsa aims to become a top cruise destination in the coming years, thus promoting the beauty of Thesprotia and the areas of tourist interest and natural beauty in the region of Epirus.



The completion of Phase II of the development of the port, provides to the port the infrastructure that will make possible the thorough achievement of the goals in the cruise market: 

Onshore surface of 11,800m2

Drilling of a 170.0m wide and 1,700m long straight channel, with a useful depth of -10.5m.

Terminal 2 Building: 3,041.46 m2

Terminal 3 Building: 2,324.80 m2 (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

371.0m long connecting platform with a useful depth of 10.50m.

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