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…Discovering a Seafaring Island!!!

The Intermunicipal Harbour Fund of Chios is a conveyor that conducts 19 port infrastructures. The island’s main port is located in the eastern part of it. It is one of the main pillars of development in Chios. It is fully incorporated in the urban mast. It has the ability to accommodate a cruise ship with a maximum length of 250 meters. In the southern part harbor, there is a marina, which hosts a large number of yachts.  The Intermunicipal Fund of Chios is the conveyor for both the harbor and the marina, and its goal is the constant upgrading of the infrastructure and the services offered their users. Around the port are cafes, restaurants and shops where one can buy local products and souvenirs

Discovering a Seafaring Island!!

Chios is the fifth largest island of Greece. Its geographical position has created the conditions to excessively develop its shipping and play a major role in international maritime data. Chios or Kios according to Homer, has been inhabited the past 6000 years. The city was built by the Ionians and the northern part of the island by the Aioleis. The unique product of Mastic, with its various uses, is the product-symbol of the island which makes the island a proxy and a proud unique natural resin producer worldwide.

The tourist destinations of the island are enough to fill the visitors with images and experiences. The Castle that is located in the town of Chios encloses with its walls a settlement of 650 inhabitants.  Daskalopetra, is one of the most famous monuments of the island and is closely connected with the tradition of Homer and was considered the School of the great poet. New Moni, the prominent monument of medieval times is part of World Heritage, which is protected by UNESCO. Vollissos, is the largest village in northwestern Chios. On top of the village, there is the castle, a defensive fortress dating from medieval times. Kampos, is one of the most beautiful areas in Chios, which is covered in citrus trees and Mavra Volia Beach is considered one of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan beaches of the island. Anavatos, is built on a conical cliff 450 meters above the sea, with steep slopes and called Mystras of the Aegean. Pyrgi, the feature that makes the village unique is the black and white geometric decoration of the external walls of the houses - called Ksysta. Mesta is a very well preserved medieval village, a fortress of the Byzantine period- (12th - 15th century), which has been declared a landmark.


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