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...the Port of Olympia!


Ancient Olympia

Sacred and global city, the sanctuary spreads over a majestic landscape that starts from the foot of lush Kronios Hill between Alpheus and tributary Kladeos. In Pan Hellenic sanctuary of ancient times were held every four years in honor of Zeus, the most brilliant games of the Greeks, the Olympics, identified with the ideals of Peace, which for centuries forged the unity of the ancient Greek world. In Sacred Altis (Grove) Olympia, life began with the dawn of prehistoric times (2300-2100 BC). The sanctuary was surrounded of wall that separated the temples and religious buildings from the secular. Prominent among the buildings was the temple of Zeus, built by the architect, handles. Also the temple of Hera, the Registry, the Prytaneion and Philippeion, were masterly edifices that adorned the interior of the sacred groves. Apart from the above, an important place in the history of Olympia, have the Palestra, the famous Stadium, the Gymnasium, the workshop of Phidias and the Theikoleonas, the Parliament House, the house and arch of Nero and Leonidaion. The evolution of Olympia was based solely on the Olympics and their impact on the Greek - and not only - the ancient world.

Today in Ancient Olympia, one can admire the archaeological site, the museums of Ancient and Modern Olympic Games res




 Harbor Beach:  Here no one goes for swimming but just for   relaxation and dreamy pictures immediately after disembarking at the port. It Is the picturesque beach with the fishing boats that tie up ahead of it today,   creating the image of a Cycladic island?

  • Katakolo


  • Katakolo


  • Katakolon viewed fromthe ship

    Katakolon viewed fromthe ship

  • Graphical shops and restaurants

    Graphical shops and restaurants

  • Katakolo View

    Katakolo View

  • Coastal zone

    Coastal zone

  • Music Museum

    Music Museum

  • Katakolo


  • Katakolon street view

    Katakolon street view

  • Fast train to ancient Olympia

    Fast train to ancient Olympia

  • Technology Museum

    Technology Museum

  • Saint Nikolaos

    Saint Nikolaos

  • Ancient Olympia

    Ancient Olympia

  • Beautiful beaches to relax

    Beautiful beaches to relax

Tourist attractions, venues and activities


SAINT ANDREW. The beautiful and historic region that nowadays comprises a big amount of the tourists from the cruises that have as one their stations Katakolo port. Saint Andrew was named after the apostle Andrew who arrived there by boat during the years of the persecution of Christians and later he died as martyr to his faith.   The area is full of archaeological findings- at its bottom the Ancient Faia “is sleeping”.   In early 1970, a mission of divers- archeologists had set off much of it that is exposed to various museums in the country.   Opposite the beach today there are the Korakas and Tigani islands, formed by the earthquake in the 6th century BC.

Katakolo Mountain. On top of Katakolo Mountain, just one kilometer away from the port, the Lighthouse stands. Its light accompanies for over a century now the boats approaching the harbor at the ancient Pisces cape, at the outcome of which the village was built and was named Katakolo, meaning the back end of it. The Katakolo lighthouse was built in 1865 with the tower’s height to reach 9 meters.  Recently the lighthouse of Katakolo was pronounced preserved historical monument of the region.

Museum of Ancient Greek Technology. It has about 200 reliable and functional models of mechanisms and inventions of the ancient technological miracle after a research.

Museum of Ancient Greek Musical Instruments & Toys. It operates at the  Latsis building next to the museum of ancient Greek technology and includes 42 ancient musical instruments accompanied with detailed descriptions and diagrams. The instruments are fully functional and their construction is based on ancient Greek literature and iconographers illustrations.

Information: The two museums are located at the entrance of Katakolo, and are approximately 50 meters apart. Booking for visiting is made by contacting the phone 6942420157

Skafidia Monastery. The Female monastery is located near the homonym village and has its celebration on the Assumption. The church of the monastery was built in the 6th century while today the Skafidia Monastery has quite a lot of tourism. It also has a museum with various artifacts.


Church Kyriaki Pyrgos. Holy Kyriaki is the oldest church tower. It is Gothic and retains even today its characteristics. Inside there are paintings of great Zakynthian Tamvakis.

N. St Nicholas Pyrgos. Located in  County Square and the Cathedral Tower.


Visit also

Central Public Library Tower.  Founded  in  1926 by a group of prominent citizens. The year 1971 became the Public Library Central and currently has 120,000 volumes of books of all categories.

Central Square – Courthouse.  The historic hill of Pyrgos, and 13 km from Katakolo in Hill County began the creation of the Tower which built in 1512 by Bay. From there the current city was named. In the central square, there are monuments that recall the region's history and struggle of the people 

Domain Mercouri 4km from the port Katakolo Mercouri Estate is located in western Peloponnese, in Karakohori near Katakolo (4 km), the tower (13 km) and Ancient Olympia (35 km).It is an old, large farm with a history of 140 years in the production of wine, olive oil and oldest currants.

Old Municipal Market Pyrgos 13 km from Katakolo Port In the early years of the market operation was wooden. Today the Old Municipal Market operates as archaeological museum of the city of Pyrgos. Workshops that manufacture antique objects and utensils also around the Museum work.


Shore Excursions



The beaches around Katakolo among the most beautiful beaches the Peloponnese some of them are Ntozi Beach, Renate, San Elias, Kingfisher, Stars, Aura, Crab Leventochori, LETRINA and Saracen, Matzakouras Skafidia. Most are sandy and easily accessible, are 3-8 km from the port and meet all tastes and needs of travelers. Reactively  and the museum of the excavations.


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