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Pyrgos - Katakolo

…the Port of Ancient Olympia!!!


The description of the port indicated by the time of Homer as a physical end of the cape Pisces. Along the cove of ancient Pheias when Frankish supplied the city with goods from the port of Katakolo has modern port infrastructure with comprehensive hosting services, health and safety conditions.


Katakolo is the port of Pyrgos, the capital of Ilia. Despite its small size, it is considered a very important harbor founded in 1857 to serve commercial purposes. Due to its geographical location and the sights it offers to the visitor (Ancient Olympia), is an important cruise port for Greece, offering the benefits of a modern and safe harbor.

The port of Katakolo has modern port infrastructure with integrated hospitality services, hygiene and safety conditions. An integrated security system operates on the basis of an approved "Port Facility Security Plan" that meets all the ISPS Code of Conduct.

 It has a modern cruise service station full equipped, able to serve all the requirements of a modern cruise port, hosting the arrival of two cruise ships.

Achieving the mooring and berthing abilities for third-generation cruise vessel's (ie over 350 meters in length), makes Katakolo a modern European port. It is the most important gateway to Greece from the Western Mediterranean region.

Since September 2018 and in honor of Captain John Latsis, who was born in Katakolo in 1910, the port was renamed «PORT OF KATAKOLON - JOHN LATSIS».



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