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January 2019

Cruise statistics 2018


Today we announce the official statistics of the cruise sector in our country, as we have been following this institutional process for the last eight years, under the following comments, resulting from the first reading of the final list:

• Cruise data corresponds to cruise ship arrivals and cruise passenger visits to 43 recorded destinations (ports in mainland and islands) throughout our country.

• The data provided by ELIME members (25 Port Organizations and Municipal Ports), following the recording and processing of their executives. In the Greek ports, where there are no ELIME members, our data was provided by the local Port Authorities, which we thank for their cooperation.

Thus, in the year 2018 just ended, 3,410 cruise ship arrivals (compared to 3,415 in 2017) and 4,788,642 cruise passenger visits (compared to 4,625,363 in 2017) were recorded in all Greek cruise destinations.

• The top ten destinations have been retained for the last eight years (despite the small reclassifications).

• In conclusion, the same picture is retained by 2017 with the same number of ship arrivals and a slight increase in passenger visits of around 3.5%, which proves that despite the problems that have been created in the last two years by the geopolitical turbulence in the East Mediterranean region, the Greek cruise retains its momentum, having only slightly changed from the high levels of 2015/2016.

• The small increase of 2018 seems to be the basis for a larger rise this year, according to cruise market estimations.

We wish you a good and creative year.


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