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Port Details

  • Latitude: º ' N
  • Longitude: º ' E
  • Port type: Commercial
  • Port size: Small
  • Cruise Passengers per year:
  • Harbour type: Coastal Breakwater
  • Harbour size: Small
  • Opening hours: from 00:00 to 00:00
  • Restrictions on arrival/departure time: NO
  • Entrance channel Orientation:
  • Entrance channel Width: m
  • Entrance channel Draught: m


  • Holds approved PFSP: NO
  • Port's IMO number: GR
  • Security Contact Person Name: KATOTRIATOY HELEN
  • Security Contact Person Title: PORT SECURITY OFFICER
  • Security Contact Person Phone: +30 6937407227
  • Security Contact Person Email:

  • Number of Luggage Scanners::
  • Number of Hand Luggage Scanners:
  • Number of Metal Detectors:
  • Fences: NO
  • Shore Guards upon request: NO
  • Clearance

    • Port in Schengen area: NO
    • Clearance time (Schengen): hours
    • Clearance time (Non Schengen): hours
    • All passports checked: NO
    • All passports stamped: NO
    • Passports to be collected prior to arrival
    • Passengers may go ashore with ship's ID: NO

    Ships' Dimensions (max)

    • Length: meters
    • Width: meters
    • Draught: meters

    Quays and berthing info

    • Ship stays minimum for: hours
    • Ship stays maximum for: hours
    • Number of quays:
    • Total length of quays: meters
    • Quay's depth: meters
    • Number of passenger terminals:


    • Available: NO
    • Anchorage distance from the closest Terminal: nautical miles
    • Average Draught: meters
    • Compulsory: NO

    Available Port Services

    • Pilotage available: NO
    • Pilotage Compulsory: NO
    • Pilotage Advisable: NO
    • Tugs available: NO
    • Tugs compulsory: NO
    • Number of available tugs :
    • Tugs maximum power:
    • Tugs Assist: NO
    • Tugs Salvage: NO
    • Notice required: NO

    • Ship repair: NO
    • Bank services at pier: NO
    • Car parking available: NO
    • :


    • Water: NO
    • Provisions: NO

    • Fuels at Piers

    • HFO (heavy fuel oil): NO
    • MGO (marine gasoil): NO
    • MDO (marine diesel oil): NO
    • IFO (intermediate fuel oil): NO

    • Fuels using road tankers

    • HFO (heavy fuel oil): NO
    • MGO (marine gasoil): NO
    • MDO (marine diesel oil): NO
    • IFO (intermediate fuel oil): NO


    • Garbage: NO
    • Toxic/special waste: NO
    • Bilge/sludge waters: NO
    • Grey/black waters: NO
    • Recycling facilities: NO

    • Restrictions on washing the ship: NO
    • Restrictions on painting the ship: NO
    • Restrictions on the use of incinerators: NO
    • Restrictions on the use of the whistle: NO
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