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March 2013
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Starting today, March 11, 2013 and will run until Thursday , March 14  in Miami USA the annual global cruise exhibition CRUISE SHIPPING MIAMI, with the presence and participation of the Greek Cruise Ports- members of the Hellenic Ports Association.


After the successful presentation for the tourism industry of  our country at the same exhibition in 2012 and 2011, it has been estimated  that also this year  the major cruise operators in Greece, G.N.T.O (E.O.T) and the HELLENIC PORTS ASSOCIATION (ELIME)  must participate in a common national stand.


The ELIME and the Greek cruise destination ports, recognizing the contribution of the cruise industry in the development of the national economy but also and the  benefits for the Hellenic  ports, as host communities, decided to participate in this  year's exhibition.


The reason for the common presence of EOT and ELIME,  has a dual purpose. Firstly, the more effective presentation of points of interest for the cruise (inland destinations and host ports for cruise ships) and secondly an  effinciency financial  participation.


Thus,at the national stand the participating ports are Piraeus Port Authority SAThessaloniki Port Authority SA , Patras Port Authority S.ACorfu Port Authority SAHeraklion Port Authority SA , Volos Port Authority SA , Igoumenitsa Port Authority SA  and Port Fund of Chania.

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